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Sealy is one of the world’s biggest name bed brands. You will find Sealy beds in some of the world’s best hotels and luxury resorts, even the White House enjoys the comfort of Sealy.  


Searching for deeper sleep has led Sealy to create some of the best bed technology out there, without it, the deeper sleep that we all crave would not be possible. Over the years Sealy have managed to significantly reduce tossing and turning, reduce the customer’s aches and pains thanks to the Zonal Support systems that align the spine correctly and their Posturepedic springs have revolutionised comfort and support.


Smart Fibres – Sealy’s Smart Fibres technology guarantees a cool, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment that also eliminates house dust mites and has even been endorsed by Allergy UK. This ground breaking technology has now been introduced across the majority of the Sealy ranges.


Zonal Support –Unique Posturepedic Zonal Support System provides greater ‘push back’ support to areas of the body where weight in concentrated (such as the lumber region) and softer in some areas. This ‘Zonal’ approach helps to support and align the spine to its natural shape.


Sealy’s Hi-Tech qualities ensure that each and every individual in on the right path to a deeper night’s sleep. Deep sleep is quality sleep and is important aid to keeping healthy and happy.  


Sealy mattresses are available in a range of sizes –


3ft (90cm)

4ft6 (135cm)

5ft (150cm)

6ft (180cm)

6ft6 (200cm)


The 6ft and 6ft6 mattress can be made in two pieces that zip together down the centre. This is known as Zip and Link. This solution is very helpful if access is poor and it is not possible to get a very large mattress through the house and up the stairs. It is also the choice of customers who want to have different spring tensions on the two sides - i.e. firm tension on one half and regular tension on the other half.


Another reason for choosing Zip and Link is that it may help to isolate one sleeper from the other, giving a more settled sleeping experience.



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