How to Buy the Right Furniture....


It can feel a little daunting buying a new piece of furniture, you know roughly what you are looking for but could use some extra help. 


It is important to choose pieces that will compliment your room rather than over-power. Keep in mind the colour scheme of your room when browsing, as well as the space you have to work with. Ask yourself questions such as -


- How will this furniture fit in my room?

- What functionality do I require from my purchase?

- Do I want fabric or leather and what will be more practical - for my needs?

- How often will I use the furniture?


Once you have answered these questions the process of selecting the right piece of furniture will seem a lot simpler. 


Sofa Buying Guide


Size - It is very important to choose a sofa that fits your room. If you buy a sofa that is too large for your room, it will make the room seem smaller, similarly if you put a small sofa in a larger room, it would appear lost. 


An easy way of establishing what size sofa you require is to lay out newspaper on the floor and experiment with sizes. Once you are happy with the size you have created, measure the newspaper shape and bring the measurements with you when ordering your sofa or chair. By doing this you can be reassured that you are buying the right size sofa or chair for your room.


Some of our manufacturers offer a service where they can supply the furniture with the arms separate, which bolt back on once delivered. Legs can also be ordered detached (will be re-attached upon delivery) and some sofas can be delivered in separate pieces. This is very useful if you have awkward corners or obstacles, which could make delivery a little more difficult. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


The shape of the furniture is also something to consider. Higher back sofas look better in a room with higher ceilings, whereas lower back sofas look better in a room with lower ceilings. Consider how the shape of the furniture will look in your room.


Filling - Do you prefer a softer sit or a firmer sit? Again this needs to be considered before making your purchase. Most of our manufacturers offer different types of cushion filling so we can find something to suit your needs. The options available are:


- Feather

- Fibre

- Foam

- Fibre Wrapped Foam

- Feather Wrapped Foam


Depending on which filling you choose, some require higher levels of maintenance then others. Feather cushions require 'plumping' after each use to keep that 'just new' appearance. To see how to do this, please watch out our video.



Loose Covers - If you’re worried about your furniture getting dirty, perhaps you have young children or pets, choosing to have loose covers may be the answer. You are able to remove the covers easily and either wash them in the washing machine or have them professionally cleaned when required. By ordering two sets of loose covers, you always have a spare set when one is being cleaned. 


Having loose covers gives a sofa or chair a more casual/relaxed look to it, you won't get the tight fit you would on a fixed covered sofa. This is something to bear in mind when buying your new furniture.



Leather or Fabric - There are some very practical reasons to consider when making this decision but you need to go for the one that you will enjoy the most. Some find leather cold to sit on, whilst others would disagree. Some think fabric is too high maintenance, whilst others would say with the right care, it always looks good as new.


If you have young children and pets, which are allowed on the sofa/chair then leather may be the better option, as it is more versatile and easy to wipe up spillages. Again this depends on the leather you choose as some are harder wearing than others.


Leather is now available in many different finishes, from distressed and antiqued to exceptionally smooth and soft, where the semi-aniline dyeing process removes most of the flaws. Corrected grain leather will have had most of the flaws covered up but because leather is a natural product, markings will differ from piece to piece and dyes may not take identically throughout the hide.


Leather must be kept away from direct heat. If placing a leather sofa in front of a radiator, use this little trick - Place your hand in front of the radiator, gradually move your hand away from it, once you can no longer feel the heat coming from the radiator (roughly one foot) this is a safe distance to display your leather sofa. 


It is also very important to keep your leather or fabric sofa out of direct sunlight, as this could cause fading. 


If you are willing to maintain your sofa then fabric can still be a great option, perhaps opting for a darker fabric or loose cover.


Fabrics are becoming increasingly harder wearing and versatile, with the advance in technology over the years. The structure of most fabrics is now even more durable and furniture is lasting even longer. With special treatments and protectants, there is a fabric to suit everyone. 


If you have seen a fabric or leather swatch and you would like a sample please contact us and we can order this for you.



Dining & Cabinet Buying Guide


Some of our manufacturers use solid wood to make their products, whilst others use real wood veneer. It is important to know that solid wood pieces can differ slightly in colour and pattern as each tree is different. Some woods display different patterns in the grain as well as blemishes, knots and burrs, which are all part of the natural and individual beauty of the wood. If you are looking to purchase several pieces we would suggest that you buy them at the same time, as the wood is more likely to match due to the pieces coming from the same batch of timber.


Veneers are thin slivers of real wood that cover the inner board (usually MDF). They are much lighter than solid wood and so are much easier to move around. The advance in technology means that veneers are even stronger than solid wood and are less at risk of twisting or warping.


The quality remains the same whether you chose solid wood or veneers, it just remains a matter of preference. Some pieces of furniture can only be made in veneer or solid wood, to enable the look and shape required for the piece of furniture.


To help prolong the life of your dining and cabinet furniture avoid placing your furniture in direct sun light, as this can bleach the furniture. It is also very important to keep your furniture in a dry and cool environment, as humidity can alter the furniture's stability and shape. Use protective mats when placing hot items onto any wooden furniture and be careful with sharp objects, which could scratch your wooden furniture.


If you do encounter any scratches or marks on your furniture, then seek the help of a furniture polisher or furniture repair company



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