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How to plump up your cushions and scatters...


Why do I need to plump up my cushions?

By plumping up your cushions you are getting air into them, which helps maintain the ‘as new’ look.


I have feather cushions. Do I need to plump them up?

Yes, feather cushions require a little more maintenance than a fibre or foam cushion as they flatten when used. Plumping them up will allow air to flow through and disperse the feathers inside, giving a much fuller and plumper look to your sofa.


How long do I need to spend plumping up my cushions and how often should I do this?

If you have feather cushions, you should plump them up after every use to maintain the look. You only need to spend a couple of minutes in total plumping up the sofa. Please see our video above on instructions on how to do this.


I have fibre/foam cushions. Do I still need to plump them up?

As fibre/foam is a much denser material, you do not need to follow the same instructions for feather interiors, instead turn them on a weekly basis to ensure even wear.


If you decide to buy new interiors, most manufacturers offer the option of buying them separately to the furniture. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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