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We take great pride in the range and quality of furniture produced at our factory. Our skilled craftsmen and women assemble each piece of furniture by hand to ensure a quality end product. Continuous quality checks throughout all stages of production ensure that each piece will be delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

In order to be confident in the finished product it is important to use only the best quality raw materials hence we have a policy of inspecting all our veneers at our suppliers premises prior to delivery to our factory. The veneers are pressed onto the board using high pressure and intense heat. The panels are then processed through our machine shop using computer controlled machinery which assures consistent precision in all panels.

Our team of highly skilled cabinet makers assemble each piece of Gola Furniture by hand prior to proceeding to the polish room. The lustre on Gola Furniture is the result of several applications of Lacquer with hand sanding between each application.


In keeping with our Quality Management Programme we have a continuous quality control check on all our products throughout the different stages of production. At Gola we are so confident in the standards of our products that our craftsmen and women take personal responsibility for them before passing them on to the next department. In fact, each piece bears the initials of the last person in each department who inspects the piece before passing it to the next department.




Gola Furniture is a furniture manufacturing company specialising in the production of wooden furniture from high quality solid woods, engineered boards and veneers. The responsible utilisation of this valuable raw material has been the guiding principle of all our activities for decades. Sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible forest management and wood procurement are extremely important to us.



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