Sherborne Lift & Rise recliner offers the perfect support for those who find it difficult to get in and out of a standard chair.


The lift and rise action allows the user to step out of the chair with incredible ease and comfort. Then once you’re ready to sit and relax again, simply position yourself back into the chair and with a touch of a button it will gently bring you back down into the sitting position.



All models shown are available in fabric and leather apart from the Lynton Knuckle, which is only available in fabric.


Other sizes and heights are available.


You have the choice of a single motor or a dual motor...


Single motor – The single motor chair will follow a set sequence as it moves towards the fully reclined position. The upwards movement of the footrest and the recline motion of the chair back are controlled by one button. You may pause the movement at any time.


Dual motor – The dual motor allows independent control of the footrest and the chair back, with a separate button to control each one. This allows a greater diversity of positions as each action can be used simultaneously.


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